24th April 2019 in Wordpress

Gutenberg Blocks – Understanding the Basics

Let’s take a look at the Gutenberg Block in its simplest form to understand how a block works, and how can we create our own blocks. Gradually we will move on to understand more advanced stuff to make more interesting blocks. (Editable blocks, Toolbars, Options, etc.) WordPress has many inbuilt libraries that allow us to […]

23rd March 2019 in Wordpress

Create your own Gutenberg Boilerplate – Part 2

Quick recap: In the previous part of this post, first, we have created a plugin for our Gutenberg Block. Second, installed and configured Webpack and Babel. We are now ready to start writing code for our Gutenberg Blocks. Step 3: Build the Block Let’s write the code for our Boilerplate Block. We created a folder […]

16th March 2019 in Wordpress

Create your own Gutenberg Boilerplate – Part 1

The first thing when we need to start building Gutenberg Blocks is setting up few tools properly. It’s a good idea if we build a Boilerplate where we have all initial setup ready, this saves a lot of time while starting a new project. Also building your own Boilerplate gives you complete control on what […]

16th April 2018 in Bootstrap, CSS

Why Reboot is created for Boortstap 4 instead of using Normalize?

You might have used normalize in your projects. Bootstrap 4 has created its on version on top of the normalize called reboot. If you are not familiar with normalize, it overwrites browser’s default CSS to eliminate browser inconsistencies, like different font sizes, or margin etc. It also add many CSS rules that helps you make […]

9th April 2018 in Cheat Sheet, Freebies, WooCommerce, Wordpress

WooCommerce Cheatsheet: Single Product Page

WooCommerce comes with its own template structure, hooks, and functions. It takes a lot of time to find the relevant hooks, functions or template files when you want to make some changes in WooCommerce. I have created this series of Visual Guides / Cheat Sheets to make it easier to find the information regarding a […]

2nd April 2018 in Bootstrap, CSS

Understanding EMs and REMs

As we know Bootstrap 4 is using em’s and rem’s instead of pixels, so its necessary to understand what these units are, and how they work. Let’s take a look. There are few things that you should memorise about em’s and rem’s, these points will help you understand these units more easily.

26th October 2017 in CSS

Horizontal & Vertical centring using flexbox module

Aligning content vertically inside a DIV or a box has always been an issue in CSS. There was some tricks available with display: table and display: table-cell properties. But it was never convenient to implement, until flexbox module came into the existence. With Flexbox, one can align anything (vertically or horizontally) with the align-items and […]